• Leave Me a Note

    You can get in touch with me here or on social media, because really you can do almost anything you want. Unless you're not online, which would be weird since this text is pretty much only accessible online, at least far as I know. But if you were to be reading this offline you'd be clearly crafty, so I'm confident that ultimately you'd figure it out.


    I can reply. Or not. It will mostly depend on you, really. For instance, if you ask me to help you out because you have recently received a large sum of money from some semi-legitimate and largely coincidental tale, I probably won’t respond. If you want me to help you make the world more awesome or to decrease world suck, I’m likely to write you back. If it'd feel inappropriate for me to ask you a favor, or if it'd be awkward if I did you a favor just because... then it's unlikely that we'll connect on LinkedIn.